Listen reveals a dangerous disconnect – some of us are afraid of the emotional weight of the film while it makes others feel less alone.

“The film changed the way I see things. I felt like I was alone. But after seeing this film, it changed the way I feel. I feel new. I have a new mind set now. Before watching this my heart and mind felt full of things I go through everyday. The name of the film really matches the movie once it starts, it just draws you in, makes you want to listen.”
“This movie reminds me of dreams I’ve had. Nightmares that scare me at night. That if I can say what’s on my mind and maybe someone can help. Sometimes my dog is my only friend, she’s old now and I’m graduating this year losing all of my friends. I kept holding back the tears and I loved this film.”
“Watching this film, I could not help but have flashbacks of my own students, their stories, and their mental health. Listen is eye opening. It just made me better and reminded me how important it is to listen and make sure I am not missing moments. The film made me see how the counselor was just one person, but he could not reach every single one.”
“This film emotionally shattered me on several levels, as an individual/my life experiences; as a friend/family member; as an educator; as a 37-year-old burnout educator. A reminder to “take a moment” – it’s more important than anything else we try/are asked to do and the emotional toll it places on those of us who “take a moment” – we need a community too, especially if we are part of the pain.”

Listen provokes your thoughts and sparks a critical dialogue to bridge social divides.

“This really triggered my emotions because I feel I could relate to all of these characters. I’ve tried to hurt myself because I felt like I was nothing to anyone. People thought I was stupid, and my parents were never happy enough with who I am.”
“I strongly believe that mental health is important. I find it ironic that our administration is showing Listen! I work with at risk students. I have too many students. When I ask for support I’m denied. Meanwhile we can add more and more gifted/talented and AP classes that only add to the mental health issues of our high performing students.”

“By watching this film we are made to understand the critical reasons that we should pay attention and reach out when we see that someone is in that dark place and needing help. I know that LISTEN WILL save lives!”

“It seems that instead of caring about the students, it is always “the system” that comes first. In our school, we need to start caring about our students and less about rules + regulations.”


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