It’s not about one community, one person or one issue. It’s about all of us.

“You have no idea what it’s like to be a Mexican living in a white world. Everyday I fight for my family, culture and self. People at school ask me what I want to be in the future. The only future I can think about is tomorrow. And all I can think about is surviving.”
“Mi vida no ha sido fácil. He tratado de llenar un montón de Dios y me encanta. Ruego que mis hijos vivan una vida mejor que yo. Mi vida valdrá la pena vivir si Dios lo permite ser.”
“Some of us may act as if we’re happy, but we’re not. We’re seriously as good as actors. It’s not that I want attention from others or people to pity me. I want someone I can trust, someone who’s loyal and won’t tell anyone my problems. I want someone who will help me feel happy.”
“I used to be suicidal in middle school. And I just want to say coming to high school and losing a ton of friends in my special ED class was hard. High school is real hard. People don’t see me as normal.”

“Freshman year sucked a big one. But, through the support of nobody, I somehow got back on track. But I still hate the entire student body here and the stupid teachers.  No one gives a crap so I can’t wait to be done next year and out of this hole.”

“I cannot lie. I do not like everyone. I do like my dog though. My passion dominates my attention. I see, hear, feel think and remember more than you can understand. It is why you will never understand how I see the world.”

“Too many people in the world do not take responsibility for their own life. They don’t realize that their life is the way it is because of the choices they made. If your life is coming apart, it is your own fault. I am tired of people making excuses. It’s only you that’s living it.”

“I took this job so I can make a difference. I feel the best way to connect with students is to connect with their problems. God knows they have them. But it needs to be a joint effort. Times have changed and not every parent is a “parenting” and not every teacher is “teaching”. But we all can be listener.”

“This world is a hard place to be without a crew. Drugs, guns, money don’t make life better, they make life worth living. You will always be scared if you are alone. You will always be loved and protected if you are hooked-up. La pandilla es la vida.”
“I know some people think that I complain about how my life is bad right now. I know other people have worse lives, but I deserve to feel this way too. Everyone should be allowed to be sad.”
“Teens today don’t realize how hard it is to be a parent. We are constantly doing everything all the time to make life perfect for them. I wish my daughter would realize that the problems she is facing now are nothing compared to what they are when you are a parent.”

“It’s not my fault my husband left me.  It’s not my fault my boy is slow.  It’s not my fault I don’t feel anymore.  So why am I being punished?  Why does my life always feel like it can never get any better? “

“I get up, take care of my dumbass brother, go to work and do my job the best I can. After work I try to relax. I don’t know why people area always bitching and moaning about life. It’s hard. Get over it. I don’t see the point of this crap.”
“I have no idea why you need to know anything about me. What you see is what you get and anyone that doesn’t like what they say can go f&^k themselves. This is a dog eat dog world and I will not be eaten but I am always hungry.”

“I’ve had a hard time in my life with my family and being hurt by others. I never knew how to express my feelings and sometimes treated others like crap. We live in a twisted world where we make others hurt so we can feel better. I once wanted to raise a family when I was older. Now I am not so sure.”

“The demands of being a principal are far more complicated than you can fathom. I do my best to connect with my students each day but I have limited time and strict demands. I know the well-being of the students should be served, however their educational needs must be met first.”