Someone is waiting for another person to notice they are broken or alone. What happens when we don’t pay attention?

“The film is a thought-provoking wake up call that made me think whether I am really taking all of the moments to listen to those struggling with deeper issues that they are not expressing outwardly. I know this unique film has the power to make others rethink their ability to connect with others and have an impact that might just save a life.”

“My son said that he spoke about his life to classmates after the film which he’s never done!!!  I was happy because I know how silence makes you feel isolated as if you’re the only one with issues.  I think it also helped him to see that other classmates had it harder than him as I’m sure it seems most kids, especially in this school district, have a perfect life which we as adults know is not true.”

“This movie will save people’s lives. Please do not be scared of the politics, the red tape…be willing to step out…it needs to happen.”
“When I was a kid, I used to be very emotional and affectionate, I cared for everyone and everything…Over the years, stress, fear and life compelled me to become cold and apathetic, never telling people I loved them when I should have, never letting people in and see my raw, personal feelings. But when I watch Listen, I’m reminded of what it’s like to feel again, to connect with people, to be empathetic and compassionate. It brings all of those emotions back up to the surface, and I remember all of those moments that I used to be ale to look at a total stranger and feel something for them. This film makes that happen.”
“The film changed the way I see things. I felt like I was alone. But after seeing this film, it changed the way I feel. After seeing this film I feel new. I have a new mind set now. Before watching this my heart and mind felt full of things I go through everyday. The name of the film really matches.”
“This movie reminds me of dreams I’ve had. Nightmares that scare me at night. That if I can say what’s on my mind and maybe someone can help. Sometimes my dog is my only friend, she’s old now and I’m graduating this year losing all of my friends. I kept holding back the tears and I loved this film.”
“This really triggered my emotions because I feel like I could really relate to all of these characters. I’ve tried to kill myself and hurt myself because I felt like I was nothing to anyone. People thought I was stupid, and my parents were never happy enough with who I am.”
“I strongly believe that mental health is important. I find it ironic that our administration is showing Listen! I work with at risk students. I have too many students. When I ask for support I’m denied. Meanwhile we can add more and more gifted/talented and AP classes that only add to the mental health issues of our high performing students.”

“This film emotionally shattered me on several levels, as an individual/my life experiences; as a friend/family member; as an educator; as a 37-year-old burnout educator. A reminder to “take a moment” – it’s important, more important than anything else we try/are asked to do and the emotional toll it places on those of us who do “take a moment” – we need a community too especially if we ourselves are part of the pain.”

“This film forced me to focus on the painful reality of the ongoing breakdown in communication, relationships, and systems in this country. I think this is an important movie that without glamour tells the simple truth that people need to listen as the basic step to grow, to learn, to care, and to love.”

“By watching this film we are made to understand the critical reasons that we should pay attention and reach out when we see that someone is in that dark place and needing help. I know that LISTEN WILL save lives!”

“It raises a lot of awareness, there is a lot of issues that it dealt with that a lot of people would never think about and if you bring that to attention, it helps people to not be afraid to talk about it.”

“I have trouble opening up and I never think of my thoughts mattering and this actually made me question that. Thank you!”

“Watching this film, I could not help but have flashbacks of my own students, their stories, and their mental health. Listen is eye opening. It just made me better and reminded me how important it is to listen and make sure I am not missing moments. The film made me see how the counselor was just one person, but he could not reach every single one.”
“It seems that instead of caring about the students, it is always “the system” that comes first. In our school, we need to start caring about our students and less about rules + regulations.”
“The film was an emotional experience that caused reflection not only with students but with all individuals in their lives. This film stresses the impact that each of those day to day interactions can have. This message needs opportunities to be reinforced. “LISTEN” is one of these opportunities.”


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